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Prastuta profile


PRASTUTA, means "Always Relevant" was started in the year 2000 by a group of young ayurvedic doctors.Prastuta has organized Ayurveda awareness camps, free ayurvedic consultation clinics, published books and trained hundreds of students in the past 2 decades of its existence.


To give greater emphasis to academics, an offshoot of the foundation, Prastuta Academy of Speciality Studies was created in the year 2004.


To systemically and scientifically train ayurvedic students to take up competitive exams.
In the year 2004, PASS started guidance classes for students wishing to take up ayurvedic competitive exams throughout India. In the past 13 years, 735 students have taken guidance from PASS to achieve their objective of getting a Post Graduate seat in prestigious ayurvedic medical colleges. We are proud to say that many of our students are Professors in various Ayurvedic Medical Colleges throughout the state.

Description of Classes

  • The P.G. Entrance guidance classes are conducted on Sundays and designated government holidays.
  • The class timings are between 8.30 am to 5 pm
  • The venue for this years classes is ShriBhagwanMahaveer Jain College,V.V. Puram, Bangalore.
  • Each class will begin with a test. The test syllabus will be of the subject in the previous class. The test will be in OMR format so that there is exam simulation.
  • The subject for each class will be notified by the Student coordinator.

Key Points of the Classes

  • A total of 20 to 22 classes will be conducted over a period of 4 months. (Refer model Timetable)
  • Samhitha based discussion about the possible questions will be the core focus of the classes.
  • CharakaSamhita, SushruthaSamhita, MadhavaNidana, AshtangaHridaya etc. will be analysed for possible MCQs.
  • Classes on individual subjects like ShariraRachana, DravyaGuna, RasaShastra, PrasutiTantra, Shalakya, KoumaraBhritya will be separately conducted.
  • Revision classes are periodically conducted.
  • Students are encouraged to ask questions.
  • Clinical classes are also arranged by senior ayurvedic physicians so that students are also exposed to clinical knowledge.

How is PASS different ?

  • A database of 28000 questions with references.
  • All India database of MCQs with answers.
  • Concerned subject expert will handle the particular class.For E.g. SvastaVritta will be handled by SvastaVritta P.G.teacher, PrasutiTantra by PrasutiTantra P.G. etc.(Please refer Faculty Profile)
  • Regular mentoring by teachers.

Assessment of Students

  • Weekly tests will be given in every class.
  • Weekly online tests.
  • Revision tests after 4 to 5 classes.
  • Daily questions through mobile Apps.
  • Tests will be continued till exam dates ensuring complete revision.


The registration will be for life time. The students will be allowed entry for all activities of Prastuta in the future.Prastuta regularly conducts CME and workshops.


  • First Batch – July to November ( Registration from May ).
  • Second Batch - November to March ( Registration from November ).

The first batch students can also attend the second batch free of cost.

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