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Our Experiences with Prastuta

Dr. Suma

It was a dream come true today. Sleep never approached eyes entire night despite spending months of sleepless days and nights..Happiness was unexplainable. Favourite subject in the most wanted college for which a continuous struggle for over a year was in the hand. All these happened because of PRASTUTA... A name I can never forget. Thanks to all faculty of PRASTUTA. Every faculty were an inspiration. Showed us how and what to aim, and how to achieve.

Today working as Assistant Professor in Indian Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine and Research, feel proud to say that I am a student of PRASTUTA, because I stand here only because of it.

Dr. Sunitha M.P

I had a very wonderful learning experience as a student in Prastuta. I am thankful to all the teachers for helping me to get a P.G. seat in Dravyaguna in G.A.M.C, Bangalore

Presently working as Assistant professor, dept of Dravyaguna in Sushrutha Ayurvedic Medical college.

Dr. Rekha

I am Dr. A. R. Rekha, currently working as Assistant Medical Officer/Lecturer in the Government Ayurveda Medical College, Nagercoil in the Department of Basic Principles.

The best thing to have happened in my life is “I am a student of Prastuta Foundation”.

I am proud to say that I got selected among the only five seats reserved for other state category which is an All India Competition.

I am grateful to Prastuta Foundation – the reason behind my persuasion of my Ayurveda Post Graduation in Moola Siddhanta.

My special thanks to Dr. Srikanth of Prastuta Foundation who motivated me to join this course which made me realize my dreams and thankful for what I am today.

Dr. Prathibha

I am Dr. Pratibha S, Assistant Professor, Department of Dravyaguna, Sushruta Ayurvedic medical college, Bangalore. Also practising at my own Centre, Saukhya Ayurveda, Chamarajpet, Bengaluru. Completed my post graduation from GAMC, Bengaluru (2008-11) in Dravyaguna.

I was a part of Prastuta Academy for speciality studies during the year 2007-08. It is the best institute for PG aspirants in Ayurveda. With a team of brilliant and dedicated teachers/mentors who are highly qualified from great institutions across the country, constantly motivate the students inculcating hard working spirit which is indispensable for success. They are doing a great job of YOJAKA
(Amantramaksharamnastinastidravyamanaushadham! Ayogyopurushonastiyojakastatradurlabhaha!!)by moulding bright future of students.

The regular Sunday classes (Samhita based & subject wise) by subject experts, tests (class tests and online tests), resources that they provide ( subject materials, number book, mock papers, charts, tables, easy to remember points, highlights) all these and more teach students smart, systematic, skillfull way of studying which is essential to get through competitive exams..


Dr. Rachana H.V

I am very much grateful to prastuta for their guidance and encouragement to become successful in getting M.S seat through entrance exam and now given opportunity to work with a team of prastuta as a teacher & guide.

Thanks to Prastuta for being a part of your team since 9 years as a student and also now as Teacher.

© Prastuta Academy, Bangalore.